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Custom Homes

Why choose a custom home?

Many of us would love to design and build a custom dream home, a house created just for us, but is it something only the affluent can afford?

Definitely not: Metric Homes breaks the pre-conceived notion that a custom home is more expensive. Our unique process and pricing structure ensures you do not pay any more for a custom design than you would for an “off-the shelf” plan.

“The concept is to allow our clients (soon to be friends) to fully participate in the custom design and construction of their new dream home so that they get exactly what they want within their budget, and without paying a premium for such custom service”

There are many reasons to consider building a custom home versus buying an existing or production home:

  • Rooms dimensioned and designed to suit your lifestyle and needs;
  • Add special design features to make your new home unique;
  • Don’t rely on someone else’s vision of what your new home should be: define it yourself;
  • Move into a “turn-key” home: no need to make changes or renovate;
  • Take advantage of the latest building code requirements, construction materials, techniques, and technology. Get a Better Built home that is more efficient and comfortable;
  • No need to compromise!

If you have extended family, adult children or aging parents that will be living with you, inquire about our HOME-WITHIN-A-HOME concept. From a “nanny suite” to a fully independent secondary home, this concept is available in a single-family home. Metric Homes is proud to have designed and built the first new Home-Within-a-Home in the City of Ottawa.

Why choose Metric Homes?

Better Built:

  • The Metric Homes’ team will make the custom design, selection and construction process a lot easier than you imagine it to be: we will guide and advise you throughout the entire process.
  • For many years, our team members were part of the mass production home building industry, but were tired of the poor quality and service being delivered to purchasers in one of life’s biggest and most expensive decisions. In 2000, Metric Homes was created to be what it is now: a small staff where the owners are involved directly with each client and each aspect of the business. This allows us to be very flexible in meeting all of our clients’ needs.
  • Your point of contact is NOT a commissioned sales person. As previously mentioned, you deal directly with one of the owners: dedicated to building an impressive reputation of high quality construction and service by focusing on your needs.
  • In-house production of plans and working drawings
  • Complete flexibility in your design: The process is simple (and at no extra charge):
    • Identify a starting design:
      • One of Metric Homes’ many plans;
      • A plan that you have identified from elsewhere (internet, etc.);
      • A plan that you designed yourself (can be as little as a conceptual sketch); or
      • A description of what you want to achieve.
    • Provide us with your list of modifications, wants, wishes, specifications, and your vision. We then work with you to design your new custom home, and will meet with you as often as required to complete it to your liking. In that process we will learn more about you which helps to ensure you are not missing any features.
    • The Metric Homes team will produce a CAD brochure, working drawings and all other plans and information required for building permit application.
    • A design team will be assigned to you in order to guide and advise you in all selections including kitchen, flooring, wall colors, plumbing fixtures, and exterior finishes and colours.

How Does Pricing Work?

All of this comes at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you: this is simply how we do business.

Pricing is based on several factors. To get an idea of the price of a non-Metric plan or if there are likely to be costs to make changes to Metric plans you would consider similar things. At first pricing is based on the size and location and so you should refer to our price list for the location you’d be building (Trail View or Fox Run) and find a plan with the closest square footage as the one you’d like to build. Beyond size of house (the square footage) there are many factors that will affect the final pricing:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets
  • Stair & railing design
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Large open to above spaces such as two storey high rooms
  • Front porch size
  • Sunken areas
  • “Unusual features” – hard to define and we’d discuss later

We do not charge a premium for non-Metric plans, if you compare these features versus the features of the plan on our price list you are comparing to, you can get a feel for how close your plan’s price would be to the plan on the price list. Ultimately of course we will price the plan for you. It would be our pleasure to discuss your needs and thoughts with you. Click here to contact us.