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Warranty & Service Work Policy

Metric Homes (Ottawa) Inc. is registered with the Ontario Home Construction Regulatory Authority (registration number 45199). Your New Home will be enrolled with Tarion, Ontario’s New Home Warranty Regulator. Tarion has very clear guidelines that can be found at their Learning Hub to ensure that New Homeowners retain their full warranty coverage. We strongly recommend that you review it carefully as if explains your rights and responsibilities under the program as well as the procedures that must be followed for Warranty Service.

HVAC Equipment warranties (Furnace, HRV, AC, etc.): MUST be registered by the homeowner in order to get their full warranties.

Our Service Work and Warranty schedule follows the structure that Tarion requires and with the exception of emergency items (Issues that render your New Home unliveable such as loss of heat or power, water leaks, etc. as well as items that if not dealt with immediately may cause further damage), please do not contact us every time you discover a service item, simply make a note of it to add to your next scheduled service list.

All communications about service should be sent to and not to our Site Supervisors or anyone else.

In emergency situations please use the emergency contact numbers provided to you at your PDI. These are typically items that either makes the house not “livable” or that you think would cause additional collateral damage if not repaired immediately. Click here for Emergency Contact information.

For Heating or Cooling Issues please check the following before calling for Emergency Service:

  • Make sure the furnace switch is “ON” – the switch is labelled and located in the Basement on a wall near the furnace.
  • Make sure the furnace filter is clean and fitted properly – if in doubt replace the filter.
  • Try turning up or down the temperature in smaller increments – for example don’t go from 18C to 24C but instead try 20C then 22C then 24C.
  • Go outside and check all vent pipes for ice or dirt build up and clean as needed.
  • For AC issues: check the breaker at the panel in the Basement AND the one outside next to the AC itself. Also ensure the AC isn’t excessively dirty or covered.

If a technician comes out and the cause is any of these issues please be aware that you may be charged for the callout.

Service Schedule:

  1. Pre-Delivery Inspection: We will do a PDI with you a few days before closing in order to identify any deficiencies and unfinished works. This defines the condition of your New Home just before possession.
  1. On day of Closing and before starting to move in you should check your New Home for damage (not service issues). If you find any damage please take photos and send to us immediately. Any damage not reported before moving in may not be covered by warranty.
  1. 30-day Service List: By 30 days after closing, you should log in to the Tarion website and complete the Service list as per their instructions. To avoid delays, please send us a copy of the form once completed.
  1. One Year Service List: By 12 months after closing, once again fill out a Service form on the Tarion website and send us a copy.

Once your Service List has been submitted, the list is “closed”. If you discover any additional items, we ask that you make a note and add to your next list as per the schedule above. Please review carefully to ensure that no current items are missed before submitting.

Updated March 5, 2021