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Urban Home Within a Home Designs

Our Home Within a Home or “Multi-Generational Home” designs feature fully independent living with a further Bedroom & Bathroom, second full sized Kitchen, Living Areas and separate furnaces/services. At a lower price points we also have Two Storey Homes designs that have a Bedroom and Bathroom and some have private Living Areas on the Main Floor. These can be found on our Two Storey Homes designs page.

Full size Floorplans designed for our Urban Lots in Fox Run and Trail View can be seen below but you may also click here for a first review or to print our full plans brochure. Floorplans for our Estate Lots in Arbourbrook can be found on our Estate Home Within a Home Designs page.

Interested in building a multi-generational home? Click here for latest pricing information and to discuss the prospect of building a Home Within a Home Design in our of our communities or on your own land.